September 17th Cindy Vranken at Powerful Women’s Network

Cindy Vranken is speaking at the Powerful Business Women's Network

It is proven that companies that are successful in building strategic partnerships grow much faster with less costs and less financial risks. They are able to enter new markets and face up to competition much easier.

So why there are so few business that have strategic alliances?

Working together requires a specific skill set , the right mindset and more important, you need time and energy to make it a success. It’s a long term strategy and most partnerships fail because of the above.

Cindy Vranken is speaking at the Powerful Business Women’s Network

Who is Cindy Vranken?
Cindy Vranken has over 20 years of experience as a sales professional working nationally and internationally with start ups and multinationals. Within IBM Cindy build a strong ecosystem for the software services partners. Later she managed to set up the first successful alliance between IBM and Oracle Belgium, leading to multi million dollar deals with EU, Nato… She later set up the services partner ecosystem from scratch for Cloudbees, a Paas ( platform as a service) startup where she was able to set up worldwide 21 successful partnerships in 9 months time.

Tip from Cindy
When you want to build a successful partnership, you need to invest time and energy in it. It’s like a love relationship. The first time you get to know your wife, soulmate, you need time and effort to get to know each other, understand on what is important for both parties and make clear agreements. If you don’t invest in your love relationship, it might happen that your husband or wife cheats on you.

This is exactly the same with a strategic partnership. The reason why so many partnerships fail is because they haven’t thought clearly about why working together, if the values are compatible and about the win for both parties.

Partnerships is a long-term strategy which requires time, effort and energy but if you do it right, it can make a difference between struggling many years with your business and working hard or becoming successful much faster and working smart.

Her motto is: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

More about Cindy Vranken
Cindy Vranken is the ceo of MegaCindy and she is the NR 1 salestrainer in Belgium and Holland for small business owners. Cindy believes sales is an essential skill if you want to run a successful business and she believes everybody can learn how to sell. With her online programm The Happy Salespreneur, she has taught hundreds of professionals how to sell from the heart with her Verkopen vanuit je H.A.R.T method and has inspired over 6000 entrepreneurs to think differently about sales. For Cindy, sales is helping people to solve their problems.

Before starting her own company, Cindy had a 20 year international career in the corporate world, Cindy build hundreds of succesfull partnerships from scratch, both nationally and internationally. She has developed a skill set and mindset to work together and she applied that strategy when starting her own company in 2015 . She did a 6 figure launch in her first month because of 12 strategic partnerships.

Meanwhile Cindy has developed a proven 10 step plan for setting up strategic partnerships, including all her best practises and many of her customers who have used this have been able to double, even triple their turnover because of applying her partner strategy.

Click here for her YouTube channel and her for her website.

Why did Powerful Business Women’s Network choose this speaker?
Cindy is a successfull entrepreneur which mission is to teach business owners how to sell from the heart. When she started her own company in 2015, MegaCindy, she did a 6 figure launch within the first month thanks to her strategic partner strategy.

During her 20 years career in the corporate world, she worked with startups, medium sized companies and multinationals. Each time she managed to set up successfull strategic alliances which allowed those companies to grow very fast with a minimum of investment.

When, where and at what time is the event?

Date and time: 17 th of September, starting at 4.30 pm7.

Location: Distributieweg 46, 2645 EJ Delfgauw, The Netherlands

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