Baby visits (almost) all 50 United States


On Superwomen we particularly focus on – as the name predicts – superwomen. However, baby Harper Yeats, who is only five months old, shows us that there are superbabies too. This is, because Harper has visited almost all United States during the short time she has yet spent on earth. On Thursday she will visit her last state. When she arrives in Vermont, Harper will be the first baby that has been to all 50 United States.


Right now, the record of youngest person to visit all 50, is held by Ethan Connor from Northern Island. Ethan became a member of the “All Fifty States” club when he was two years old. Knowing this, it seems very likely that little Harper will break the current record. For this, she will be awarded with a reference in the Guinness Book of Records.


Before Harper was born, her parents already visited 30 states. When they discovered their daughter would be the youngest person to ever visit all 50 states, they decided to repeat their journey and to add the other 20 states. However, they say that breaking the record is not their most important goal. Above all, they hope that when Harper is older, seeing the pictures of the journey through the 50 states will make her believe that she can do everything she wants.

Instagram page

Harper’s parents have created an Instagram page, on which they share pictures of Harper in the various states they visit. On most pictures, Harper is photographed in front of a sign that marks the border of a new state. And I can say one thing for sure: Harper is incredibly adorable.

The name of the Instagram page is @harper.yeats and I think you won’t regret taking a quick look!

Have you visited many countries when you were a baby? Leave a comment and let us know!



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