The end of the era of Angela Merkel?


This Monday, Angela Merkel announced that on the next federal party convention of her party CDU (Christlich Demokratische Union), she will not be eligible for the position of president. Right now, she is the first female president of  CDU and she has been filling this position for 18 years. Furthermore, Angela Merkel declared that she will not be eligible as chancellor at the national elections of 2021. She has been the chancellor of Germany since 2005 and is furthermore the first female chancellor the country has had.

Angela Merkel shared her decision one day after the federal state elections in Hessen. Those elections turned out to be a disappointment for CDU. This is, the percentage of voters in Hessen that voted for CDU, dropped from 38,3 percent in 2013 to only 27 percent this year.

Willem Melching, who is a historian at the University of Amsterdam, predicts that Angela Merkel will not be able to keep her position as chancellor until 2021. He says that, because Angela Merkel gave up her position as chancellor, the German voters will not trust the government anymore. Willem Melching presumes that she will not be the chancellor of Germany for more than one year from now. The question remains which effect Merkel’s decision will have on her national and international authority.


(If you want to see more of Angela Merkel’s resign, consider watching the videos that are included in this article)

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