Diversity in the US midterm elections

diversity in the US midterm elections

Yesterday I read a very interesting article in the New York Times online. The visuals in this article are really spectacular and I would recommend that you check it out yourself. For me, this article represents the possibilities that we have nowadays on the internet. I think we should use these possibilities more to visualize complex news or facts.


Diversity is a very important aspect of the midterm elections in the next United States. The Americans have realized that women, people of colour and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are currently under-represented in US politics. They want this to change. Therefore many of these people are running as candidates. The percentage of white men candidates has not been lower in the last four elections.

The first in history

Many people that currently run for positions in US politics could become the first in something if they win. They would make history. For example, if Stacey Abrams becomes governor, she would be the first black female governor in the United States in the history of times. Christine Hallquist could be the first openly transgender governor and Ilhan Omar could be the first Muslim-American congresswoman. In the article in the New York Times you can read about many other people like this.


The representation of minorities in US politics is an important movement. This will change the way that people see politicians and more people will feel represented and heard. Proponents also say that it paves the way for other minorities to be politically active.

The elections

The elections will be held on Tuesday November 6. So next week, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives are being chosen. These elections are important, because it influences the next two years of US politics. If the Republicans are in the majority, this would make Donald Trump’s work very easy, but if the Democrats regain control, they will get in the way of him as much as they can.



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