University degrees seem to yield relatively more for women


According tot a study from the Department of Education and Institute for Fiscal Studies, women with a University degree make 28% percent more money than women without such degree. The study was executed in Great Britain and is based on the tax records of 29-year-old people who were once registered in schools in England and at universities in England, Wales or Scotland after that. According to the analysis, women who earned a university degree, make an average of 6700 pounds per year more than non-graduate women.

Men, however, seem to receive relatively less financial benefits from going to university. This is, the study shows that men with a degree earn a mean of 8 percent more than men without a degree. This comprises an average of about 2700 pounds more a year. Meanwhile, about a third of them stated the chance of a “negligible” earnings advantage as a reason for going to a university.

According to the analyses, the reason for the difference between men and women on this matter is that the earnings of non-graduate women are relatively low compared to graduate women. This reason could have multiple reasons itself. One of them is that women without a university degree are generally employed in lower-paid jobs. Another factor that is noted by the report, is that it in many cases, women who don’t go to university have children sooner than women who do and are more likely to work part-time in their twenties.



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