Dress for Cold Weather Without the Kilos


How to dress for cold weather without looking two sizes larger than you are.

It finally feels like winter here, north of the hemisphere. It’s cold outside — time to cover up and get warm. Here are some tips on how you can dress for cold weather without the kilos, and prevent looking like a set of nesting dolls or like Bibendum, the Michelin Man.


The first piece of advice people like to give is to layer. Layers keep you warm. Layers can be taken off, or added onto. It sounds so simple.

But before you know it, those layers can add kilos and have you looking like a bear, fattened up from the winter and emerging from hibernation, but then long before spring begins…

Warm and Thin Are Your Friends

Even under pants, tights and leggings are good options for keeping your legs warm under pants in the winter. If you’re wearing a dress, you can even wear leggings over tights. This combination also works with tall boots, assuming there’s enough room in the calf area to accommodate the extra fabric.

If you’re wearing pants, skip the cotton socks, which are not very insulating. Choose wool or silk socks or knee-highs instead to hold in your body heat while still allowing your feet to breathe. You want warm feet, not warm and sweaty feet!

Protect Your Neck

If you like scarves, choose silk, cashmere or merino designs to keep your neck warm. Tie the scarf close to your neck to hold in even more heat. You can also layer two scarves — tie one at your neck as part of your outfit, then add a winter scarf on top to wear with your coat outdoors.

If you don’t wear scarves because you think they look frumpy and old-fashioned, Halsduk by Esmee will change that. Watch her short videos on Instagram for fresh ideas on how to wear and tie scarves to dress for cold weather without adding kilos.

Fabric Matters

Merino and cashmere are the easiest kinds of wool to find in clothing, and are available in fine yarns, so they’re not bulky. They’re also extremely soft and unlikely to irritate your skin. Best of all, it’s usually possible to machine wash these fibers using the cool, wool setting on your washing machine. For sustainable and organic undergarments, visit the Danish webshop Dilling.

Silk has a finer texture than wool, often with a bit of shimmer, and feels cooler on the skin. It is usually woven, so it feels more like fabric and less like a sweater. Silk is great for those with extremely sensitive skin. You can layer multiple silk undershirts — for instance a silk tank under a silk long-sleeved t-shirt — for extra warmth without the kilos.

A Heady Experience

The warmer you stay when outdoors, the faster you’ll warm up once you’re back inside. A great way to keep your body heat in is to cover your head and ears.

Warm hats are more sophisticated than they used to be — they come in all shapes, sizes and fabrications. You don’t need to walk around in a frumpy hand-crocheted beanie with ear flaps to stay warm. Visit your local hat maker and let her surprise you with a shape that flatters your face and keeps you warm. For some inspiration, visit Demure Amsterdam on Instagram or at her store.

Find your hat first, then shop for a scarf and gloves to coordinate. For a one-of-a-kind selection, try the designer secondhand gloves available on The Next Closet or Rebelle.

With all of these tips, you can dress for cold weather without the kilos. For more tips on dressing smart, read Wendy Broersen’s review of Werk aan je Charisma, by Lida van Doorn.


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